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Welcome to Sculptit Nail Studio

Sculptit Nail Studio Welcomes you to feel the style of Impressive Nail Art.
Sculptit Nail Studio takes pride in providing a diverse range of Nail Art services delighting our customers to gain attractive Nail in a way they want it.

Welcomes to Sculptit Nail Studio

Sculptit Nail Studio is the best solution spot for your Nail care and treatment.
Let us fine tune and stylish your nail in a way that reflects your confidence and attitude.

Welcomes to Sculptit Nail Studio

Sculptit Nail Studio is the best solution spot for your Nail care and treatment.
Let us fine tune and stylish your nail in a way that reflects your confidence and attitude.

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Welcome to Sculptit Nail Studio

About Sculptit Nail Studio

Sculptit Nail Studio provides bespoke Nail Art servicesto its customers. We are highly appreciated for the excellent customer service. We have a team of Nail artists who are specialized with a sphere ofNail Art services that includes Nail Art design, Nail Extension, Bridal Nail Art & Extension, Overlay, 3D Inlay Nail extension, 3D Inlay Nail Art on natural nails, French Manicure and more..

We encourage our clients to attain the stylish and creative Nailnaturally without any pretense. We always use non-toxic and 100% natural products such that making it as a hassle-free service to the customers. We use the right color combination ofnail polish & other accessoriesto get you the impeccable nail art designs.

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Need to see your Adorable & beautiful Nail than ever best?

Let us fine tune and stylish your nail in a way that reflects your confidence and attitude. 

Our Services

Sculptit Nail Studio offers a one-stop solution for Your Nail Art Designs & Extensions. Our exceptional services include Overlay Nail Extension, Gel Nail Extension, Acrylic Nail Extension, Bridal Nail Art, 3D Inlay Nail extension, French Nail Extension, 3D Inlay Nail Art on natural nails, French Manicure, 3D Nail Art, 2D Nail Art and more.

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2D Bridal Nail Art

It is a real dream of every bride look beautiful on the big day and they start preparing for it. They prefer an attractive nails that enhances their beauty and gradually gaining their perfect Wedding look. 2D Bridal Nail Art presents a delightful view on a Natural Nails.

3D Bridal Nail Art

3D Bridal Nail Art will embrace the Natural Nails of the Bride while showing it artistic & gorgeous exactly as the 3D view. This type of Nail Art makes your nail attractive from all sides and fine-tuning your nails in a way that reflects your perfect bridal looks.

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3D Inlay Nail Art on Natural Nails

Sculptit Nail Studio specialised in A-Z Natural Nail Art designs and Extensions. 3D Inlay Nail Art is professionally executed with an extensive care. We always use high-brand products for Your 3D Nail Art designs and producing your dream nail art in front of your eyes.

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Nail Extension with 3D Inlay

The highly trained & experienced professionals will help you gaining long nails by extending it naturally without any flaws. After extending the Nails then the 3D Inlay Nail Art is implied with appealing nail polish colours so that the extended nail looks eye-candy.

Nail art services in chennai

Coloured Nail Extension

We are providing wide range of Nail Art design and Coloured extension service that helps our customers to achieve the natural nail beauty that they have dreamt to have. You might be dreaming of gaining a long nails with pleasant nail polish. Our experts will make your dream come true.

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French Manicure

French Manicure is a type of Nail Art designing and Nail treatment services which treat your nails properly helping you gain the stylish nails that you want. It gives complete care of the nails right from massaging, shaping, filling designing and Nail Polish application.

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French Nail Extension

Having beautiful Nails make your hands look smart and charming. Nail extension is a way that helps you feel the rich experience of possessing a beautiful long nails. French Nail Extension is a type of Nail extension that grooms your nail adorably to the world.

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Overlay Nails art includes Gel Nail extensions and Gel Nail Polish Application, Acrylic Nail extension and Acrylic Nail Polish Applications and diverse Overlay systems of nails. Overlay is forming a layer over the natural nails either by using gel or acrylic nail polish.

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3D Nail Art

3D Nail Art is shaping and designing the Natural Nails that makes you look good with the three-dimensional classic nails. After the Shaping of the nails uniformly, 3D designs and pleasing Nail Polish application is done that gives an attractive appearance to your Nails.

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Gel Nail Extension

Gel Nail Extension is a type of Nail extension which is exhibited by the Nail artist to enhance the Natural look of the Nail by extending it and applying Gel Nail polishes with right combination of Nail polish colours.

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Acrylic Nail Extension

Acrylic Nail Extension is a type of Nail extension that is exclusively done using Acrylic Nail System and accessories. Once the acrylic Nail extension is completed, an acrylic Nail polish application is done and finally giving the adorable look to your Nails.

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2D Nail Art

2D Nail Art is a type of Nail Art and Nail designing method which is similar to the 3D Nail Art with the difference that it gives the 2D view after the accomplishment of the process. Our experts will do different types of 2D designs in a customised way you want it.


Look at our latest gallery and get insightful of our work!!

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I had the service from Mrs.Jai for my wedding. I don't want to go for the regular Nail polishes and wanted some Nail Arts so my friend suggested me to Jai, and I feel that was the best experience I had. The service was very good and I look forward to get more updates from the Institute.

Thank you Jai- By Prathyusha M, The Federal Bank Ltd, Asst Manager

Too many patterns they offer and I should say that I'm often puzzled in selecting one. I'm sure I would be visiting them more often to get it all on my nails. If you are someone who is in love with nail art then this is the place for you.

By Regina Sk, Santhosh Metals, Padi

A complete customer satisfaction is what they are aiming at which is quite evident in the way they welcome us and offer their service. I should say that it was a pleasant experience for me as I have tried many others before but these guys stand right at the top.

By Divyalakshmi, Store Director, Hamleys, EA

Great work Guys!! Amazing professionals who are passionate about Nail Art creation & they are always updating the new innovations in the niche. Thanks a lot for giving me the right type of nail design and showing it so beautiful & adorable. All my friends appreciated the way you have executed a lovely Gel Nail extension and creatively designed the nail with a mix of nail polish colors. 


I have been to Naileshastra and definitely one of the best in their business. They totally understand what fits our style and offer the best nail art designs. I,m completely flattered with their work and would definitely recommend it to my friends. Excellent work Jai.

By Lakshmi Priya, Team Manager CSS Corp, Ambattur