About Our Beauty House

We are a professional team of Nail Artists dedicated for providing a full-fledged nail art services. We are providing all type of trendy and stylish nail art designs that makes your natural nail look adorable and eye-attractive. You will find A-Z of Nail Arts and numerous nail designing & nail extension ideas here!! 

We take utmost care and protection for your Nail in every possible way. With super creative ideas, our nail artists will stylish your natural nail in a way meeting all your expectations. We also encourage your creative nail art ideas too and executing it as such into reality. We make your anticipation of regaining your natural & impressive nail style not to go vain.

stylish nail art design

why choose us?

The Sculptit Nail Studio boasts professional Nail Artists to delight our customers with a world-class nail art designs such that their vision of achieving stylish & impressive nail is exactly crafted. We provide a customised nail art service as per the on-demands of the clients.

Professional nail artist
Highly Trained Professionals

We have a team of dedicated professionals who have been trained intensively to meet up the clients' specification.

Special Care & Attention

Our highest priority is the customer satisfaction. We always take special attention to the details and providing the right solution.

On-time Service

We ensure the best of our service is rendered to you on-time without any flaws.